Points that a good SEO report should have

In principle, the basic points that you should cover in any SEO Services report are:
1. Current positioning of the website
An analysis of how the website is positioned today, and what the analysis is of the current situation
that we find in general.
2. Study of keywords
This is the key to any SEO Services UK report worth its salt. From this, we can do the rest of the report, since
it will be the base. As before, it will depend on the case. There are pages that are very clear about
the keywords they want to use to position themselves and others that have no idea and have made
their entire page without taking them into account.
3. Study of meta tags and URLs

Do you have meta tags? Being honest, most likely not, or not have them in all the pages of the
website. You have to detect whether you have them or not and analyse if they are well placed, if
they include the keyword etc.
4. Content analysis
Does the content of the pages include the keywords? Is it too long or too short? It will be necessary
to analyse all the texts of the web with the study of keywords in the hand to see if they have good
content at an SEO UK level or if you need to change things.
5. Mobile optimisation and usability
We never tire of repeating it. If a website is not optimised for mobile, forget about appearing in the
searches made by users from their devices.
6. Links
Both internal and external. Are all web pages (visible to robots) linked to the web and easily
accessible? And, of course, do you have quality backlinks?